Monday, December 19, 2016

One special customer helped me designing this beautiful and functional box!

This year I was busy with my classes, online videos, preparing instructions, DIY kits, moving….. so, it was  a long time since I made one new project! And then, this Saturday I did…  and I got help to make it! It was a great project and working with this special customer ….. actually….my husband…..was a great additional to the project!  Take a look what we did!!

First, he loves coffee and decided to have a new coffee machine for our house! After searching he found the best choice would be the Nespresso  Vertuoline. He started making very good coffees, but the capsules were kind of big to fit in the boxes I already made, and for sure, I didn’t want to buy a new one, as I could have fun and make my own one by Cartonnage! But I didn’t want to make just “another box”, I want to make something functional and beautiful! But I didn’t have time for that….then, for the last two weeks, my countertop was a mess……literally….  Some weird boxes around, so difficult to find the coffee he wanted...

but I knew I had to have plenty of time to stop and make a new one! And last Saturday was snowing…..very cold outside in the morning, so,  perfect to be inside and I said, let’s do it….today I will solve this problem!

And to get started, I asked him (the customer!): What do you want? What kind of box do you want? How many capsules do you want to fit inside? Do you want closure?... And he just said he wants a box like the other ones I make, no closure, and then, he started helping me with the design…..we tried to figure out the best size for the box…..
So, I made some notes, cut some chipboard,  quickly build one temporarily box and we had our first test!

Decision: too big….. it would fit 25 capsules but would be a big box…. So, we play a little bit with it and decided that may be would be better have space for 20 capsules on top and one extra storage under that to keep more capsules as they come in the packages….. 

So,  a little bit more conversation and I made another temporarily box.

But…. this time, we thought that would be better if I add dividers to the top tray…. and then, more measures and I had to cut more chipboard for a box a little bigger….. and make another box and this time…..yeah…. all fit perfectly and it was starting to look like something functional !!

So, now it was my time to cover all pieces of paper with fabric and make the tray. 

And then…. the final test for the tray! Perfect! 20 capsules in perfect place!

Ok, then, it was time to make the box to put the tray inside and more space for storage underneath.  More math, cutting paper and build another temporarily box to check the dimensions…..

My first idea was to add some ribbon on the sides of the tray to remove it from the box, then I decided to make some holes in the sides of the box instead, and with those, we can easily remove the tray. All paper cut by hand and sanded when needed!

Looks like will fit everything….  At this time, I wasn’t sure yet how I would close the box….still thinking…..

Then I covered the pieces of chipboard with fabric and build the box. When finished my husband  figured out that if I had made a box just a little higher we could storage the packages, but then we decided to continue like that and keep our first idea, it will be easier to access the capsules without the package…. Glad we decided that!! 

So, we will have space for 4 or 5 of these things with capsules with 10 capsules each, plus 20 capsules on the top tray, so, at the end, the box will fit 60 or 70 capsules (because the espresso ones are smaller)… that’s a great storage  (we can buy more capsules each time with discount, free shipping and have space for them!!)

At this point the designing was finished! My husband went outside to play with the kids and I continued my work making the box……oh….so fun…. I love my craft time!!

Then, I decided about the lid, the fabrics, made the lid, covered the tray and box outside (because inside was already covered when I build the box).

 At some point, I also made a break and came outside to take some pictures and play a little bit with my family! We all love snow!

So, at the end of the day I was with the box ready, or at least almost! I knew my husband didn’t want a closure, but I thought that it is a beautiful box, that deserves something more….. so, my plan was for a closure and feet (but I didn’t tell him about that until he saw the final box in the next day!....)

You may know, may not, but in cartonnage, we use masking tape as part of the process and we need to wait some hours to remove it…..for sure….not easy time to pass …… I was so curious to see the final box…but, I put something heavy over and kept like that until next day, Sunday!

Then, on Sunday, I removed all the masking tape, and I can tell you that it is an exciting time….when you start seeing your project done….. 

and then, the final step, I added the metal feet! 

Finally, I was able to see the box ready!! 

OMG….. I loved so much!! I can’t believe I made it! I love Cartonnage so much! It is such a great craft!!

Then, it was time to give the box to my husband….. He also loved  (didn’t complain about the closure and feet!! Yeah…..)  and he was so happy with it! Now he can find the coffee so easily!

And I was also happy with the box and with the organization of my countertop! Yeah….. no more weird boxes on it!

So, that was my project for the weekend! I loved so much! I enjoyed designing with help of my husband! I loved the final box and I had so much fun making it……

I hope you liked as well! I would love to hear from you!

Making boxes out of paper, fabric and glue it’s called CARTONNAGE, it is so fun! If you want to learn more about it I have one basic FREE online course where you can start learning this craft with simple projects, and also I have other online courses where you can learn how to make fabric boxes, journal covers and one special treasure box! Local classes in Indiana and Michigan are available sometimes and you can check the calendar here.

I loved  this new box so much, that I am planning to make a similar one but a little smaller to be a jewelry box! I think will be a great idea! And then….. I will solve the organization of my daughter’s bedroom!!....And why not another one for my sewing notions?? ....But for now, I will take a break for the Holidays! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

See you!!


Friday, December 16, 2016

Coloring boxes, cases, bookmarks.....that's so FUN!!

OMG, how fun is making boxes, cases, and more pieces using coloring fabric! We have double fun! Making and then coloring them....or, giving as a gift for someone else to paint! So so fun......

When I saw this coloring fabric for the first time, I was so excited to try it! The first thing I made were some journal covers, but I did them as part of my daughter's birthday party! I gave the fabric for the girls to paint during the party, and then I made the covers.....but that took a while to finish and I just was able to deliver the covers to my daughter's friends some days after the party! 

Here is the picture of the finished covers, I love to see how different they look!

But now, with this idea things are much better!! We can first make the pieces and then give to people to paint on it!  They are not coloring pages, but they are even better..... coloring boxes, journal covers, notepad covers, bookmarks....or....what else your imagination wants to create with cartonnage!! 
The only thing, as they are made with fabric the recommendation is for coloring them with fabric markers!

Here some pictures during the process and the final pieces I made so far.....for sure, I will make many more! It's so fun!!

I really love reusing materials and cereal boxes, cracker boxes... even dishwasher soup boxes are great to make bookmarks and other simple pieces.... if you haven't try it yet, I have one online free course with lots of ideas for this, you can check it out here.

 And then, here are the final pieces!

I hope you have liked this idea! Look for the fabric and start having fun!! 
We gonna have some fun classes for these pieces very soon here in Grand Haven, MI. Stay tuned for more info!!
Or, learn online in my online cartonnage school here.
Or check for local classes in Michigan and Indiana here.

Also, my huge thank you to my friend Lynn Hodge and my friends from Quilt Expressions in Fishers, IN, for showing this fabric and ideas to me!! 

Have fun everyone!!!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Have fun making great Christmas gifts or decoration!

Hi everyone!

I am loving making the videos showing how to make simple, easy and beautiful Christmas gifts or decoration! 

Just a few simple materials, most of the time reusing cereal boxes and using scraps of fabric! Don't miss this!

Here are the pieces I am teaching in the videos:

Magnet boards and post it covers:

Christmas Advent Calendar:

Christmas trees decor:

Cup sleeves:

All these videos are available in my FREE course Joy of Cartonnage, click here to sign up and see them!

The video for making the Christmas tree is also available on my youtube channel, click here to see it!

I hope you like them and HAVE FUN!!

I will love hearing from you!!