Basic about Cartonnage

Cartonnage, originated in France in 1800s, is the art of making decorative and functional items out of cardboard, covered with fabric or paper and it is a creative and stimulating hobby. 

Using very simple and basic tools, you can make boxes of all sizes as well as sewing kits, electronics cases, notebook cases and more.  They make great, useful items around your home or office, and they're wonderful gifts.

Everything you neeed to know to get started in Cartonnage you can find in my FREE online class. To check it out go to:

I have learned Cartonnage with a Brazilian teacher, and some of the steps you will learn from me were adapted from the original French Cartonnage technique to make it more practical or easier! 

I've been teaching Cartonnage since 2014, and my students are so happy making great boxes and cases by themselves!

I am also selling Cartonnage tools and pre cut DIY cartonnage kits on my Etsy shop. So, if you prefer you can start your projects from these! You can find them HERE.

If you have any questions, I am here! I will love to hearing from you! 


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