Online Cartonnage classes

Learn cartonnage online

I have been teaching cartonnage in stores in Indiana, since beginning of 2014 and my students are making awesome pieces, most of all, special gifts! 
If you live far away from Indiana, then you can learn this amazing technique with me at my Online Cartonnage school!

I have learned Cartonnage online from a Brazilian teacher, and so, I know how important is learning online. Sometimes it is the only option we have, and that was my case.

With online courses, we can learn in the comfort of our houses, using  the time we have. We can stop and return the videos many times as we need. And more, we can take our time to make the projects and enjoy a lot!

I am offering a FREE class with all basic information you have to know to get started in Cartonnage, with videos and eBook. Also, in this class I will add some simple projects using paper, fabric and glue periodically.... some of them are already there waiting for you! 

Other begginer classes I have are how to make a journal cover and a fabric covered box. More classes are coming later!

I will be always working to offer great videos where you will be able to see every step in detail and make beautiful Cartonnage pieces, as my local students are making.

Don't forget to enroll for FREE in the course JOY OF CARTONNAGE. That's my gift for who wants to learn about Cartonnage!  DON'T MISS THIS!! .... 

So, why not take a look right now?

Contact me if you have any question, comments or suggestions! I will love to hear from you. You can comment below, or email me: 

Thanks, and Happy Cartonnage time!