Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Have fun making great Christmas gifts or decoration!

Hi everyone!

I am loving making the videos showing how to make simple, easy and beautiful Christmas gifts or decoration! 

Just a few simple materials, most of the time reusing cereal boxes and using scraps of fabric! Don't miss this!

Here are the pieces I am teaching in the videos:

Magnet boards and post it covers:

Christmas Advent Calendar:

Christmas trees decor:

Cup sleeves:

All these videos are available in my FREE course Joy of Cartonnage, click here to sign up and see them!

The video for making the Christmas tree is also available on my youtube channel, click here to see it!

I hope you like them and HAVE FUN!!

I will love hearing from you!!


Friday, November 4, 2016

DIY Christmas projects free series of videos just started!

Hello everyone!

I love this time of the year! I am starting preparation for Christmas and decided to have a new series of videos to share simple projects that can be unique gifts or decoration for our houses! 
All simple projects, using a few materials, scraps of fabrics, paper (sometimes reusing cereal boxes), and glue!! 

For more details and to see the projects I will be sharing, take a look at this video:

I will be sharing one project each week of November in my FREE online course Joy of Cartonnage. If you are already part of this course, go there and see, the first video is already there! If you are not my student yet, it's simple, it's easy, it's free, just click here and sign up! (keep your password in mind, you will need it everytime you access the course)

As the videos will be in my online school, they will be there for a long time, so, you can see them over and over and make the projects in your free time!

So, the first video is already available and you will learn how to make unique magnet boards. Watch it now!     Next one will be available on November 10! See you there!!!