Friday, June 26, 2015

A dream come true!! My new Cartonnage studio !

When I started working on Cartonnage 3 years ago, I didn’t know how much I would love this technique…. The reality is that I am just addicted to that! Turning paper, fabric and glue into beautiful and functional pieces is what has turned my life so colorful and happy!
3 years ago I started working on my laundry room, and I had enough space there. Then, I started making more and more projects and also teaching this and then, the space was so little for me and I also moved for my guest room…. But, when my mother-in-law came to visit me last year, I had to go to somewhere else… then, my unfinished basement was the solution for that moment…and for the following year! Over there all my stuff were at the same place, but you know,  was cold, and weird….. but I made a lot of beautiful projects there, even in that situation…

This year we have decided to improve our home and finish our basement,  and….. make one bedroom as my new studio!!  I was so excited!! Many things to think about, to organize, planning the layout, what kind of furniture would fit in a 12 x 12 ft bedroom and make it a functional Cartonnage studio.  

During the construction I moved all my stuff again to the laundry and guest room….

We bought the furniture and my husband assembled them while the basement was not totally done. Last week  and over the weekend we put everything in place and this week I have started making some projects there…..and it is more than I was expecting…… wonderful….so functional…… I guess I will make many wonderful projects down there from now!!

Here I would like to share with you a little bit of this dream that come true!
 I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to my Cartonnage studio

After thinking, planning,  I decided to make my studio all of IKEA furniture.  I wanted to have all white furniture, and make some tables adapted for my work.  I had a layout already planned, so we went to the nearest IKEA and spent all day there looking, separating, picking up and bringing home all we need! It was a long day…..

When we went home, our basement was over construction, so, my husband started assembling the furniture in our family room……. What a mess!!

Finally our basement was almost done. Here are some pictures of the construction.

Construction finished was time to start putting all furniture in place, moving all my stuff from the laundry /guest room for the new Cartonnage studio! So so excited!!

Here is how it works out! I just can say….. I LOVE it so much!!!  
Many many thanks for my lovely husband Jederson for all his effort to help me make this Dream come TRUE!!

Also many thanks for all my students that have encouraged me to create more and more..... you gals are awesome!!


I will decorate a little bit more, but I have already added some "details" that I like to make the place even more comfy!!

Do you liked it? I hope so! Make what we love in a right place is more than happiness.... I am blessed! 

Now I am ready for the next step......  videos showing how to make some of my projects.... reusable journal covers, fabric covered boxes..... and more...... 
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See you soon!!

Best wishes,


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