Sunday, November 8, 2015

How about making a reusable fabric journal cover?

The first Cartonnage piece I have made using paper, fabric and glue was one reusable journal cover! At that time I fell in love for this amazing technique and couldn't stop anymore...... I love the way we can coordinate fabric, cut different sizes of paper and always have a new and unique piece!

My students love the journal cover, they are so proud of using them and also they have made some of them for gifts. 

That's why I decided to offer an ONLINE class for making a reusable journal cover. In this class you will learn everything to make your own fabric journal cover, using the dimensions I give and cutting your paper, or, buying a DIY kit with all paper needed to make the project. Also, I teach how to make a cover for any size of journal. More than this, you will learn:
- Materials and dimensions
- How to cut paper
- Important tips
- Making the outside of the cover
- Covering the outside with one fabric
- Making the inside of the cover
- Variation 1 - applying elastic to the cover
- Finishing the journal cover
- Final step: taking off the masking tape and other important tips to solve some problems
- Variation 2: covering the outside of the cover with two fabrics
- Variaton 3 - applying button to close the journal
- Variation 4 - reusing cereal boxes to make small journal covers

All these topics are videos (almost 2 h of videos!!) that you will be able to stop, return, pause, and make the project on your own pace! And plus, you will also have  instructions with pictures step by step that you can print it out, make notes and follow when making the project.

And I'm excited to share with you the journal covers an online student made recently, aren't they beautiful?

Take a look what she is talking about this online class:
Claudia does an excellent job of describing the process of Cartonnage. The videos are easy to follow and Claudia explains each step in great detail. You can rewind and fast forward to do the work at your own pace. Claudia will answer any of your questions that come up. Cartonnage does not require any specialized tools  but the toolkit makes things easier. The kits will save you time because all the paper is already cut out. But you can cut the paper out yourself too. Cartonnage is fun and not difficult to learn! I would recommend these videos for anyone interested in learning about Cartonnage. Betsy

You may be are thinking what is the difference between having a local class with me or taking an online class?
I would say, if you live near Indianapolis, then you can take my local classes (one or more), and start making some cartonnage classes there. But if you live far from here, then, the online class it is easier for you. Plus, even if you take local classes, or live nearby, when you are taking online classes you have a chance to start the project and make it at your own pace, you can stop, return, make it in parts..... and you will see all the details as you were right in front of me! And you will have the content available forever.... yes, once you buy a class, you will have unlimited access to it!

You may be are thinking that the online classes are expensive!
I would say that I am working hard to offer the best classes I can. I am asking for feedbacks of the students, and I am including any extra information I think is necessary to the complete understanding of the technique, my goal is to see beautiful covers made by all the students! 
If you have any question, anytime, you can always contact me and I will be very glad to help you finish your project!
I am working alone, so, I am a small business, and don't have a support of the big craft websites to do that, so, when you buy class for me, you are supporting a small business, a teacher, a family!
Plus, you will not see so much other Cartonnage online classes around.

You may be are thinking and what if I don't like the classes?
Don't worry, I dont' want you to be unhappy. If you are unsatisfied with your class, you have 30 days to have a full refund of your money!

If you have any question, please let me know! 
If you want to learn online how to make a reusable journal cover, I am offering a 10% discount OFF for you to start now. Go to:

I hope to see you there! Any question, I will be very glad to answer you, please contact me!


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