Friday, September 16, 2016

Repurposed shutters and my new studio is ready for the workshop!

Hello my friends!

You may or may not know, I just moved from Fishers, IN to Grand Haven, MI. Here in my new place I got one special space to have my studio. In this room, I will be creating and making my arts, taking the pictures of the pieces for the instructions and also making the videos for my online classes! I'm so excited about this! 

Everytime I have a new space I love to decorate it in a special way! And it was not different this time! I had one idea in mind for a long time, but wasn't sure if would work! Then.....well.... let me know what I did and......had so much fun making!!

All started when I saw some pictures of shelves in the internet, reusing old shutters, and I loved the idea! Here in West Michigan there are many antique shops and I went to several of them till I found what I felt could work!

Then, after settled in the new house, I decided to work with this project! So, following the directions I have found on internet, I painted all of them with latex painting. 

Next, I applied chalk paint in different colors.....but I was still unsure how all of this would end up.....

After this, I was ready to distress, wiping away the paint with a wet cloth! Wow! That was awesome, it was the first time I did something like that!

And then, my garage floor was full of new looking shutters! 

The next step I couldn't be done if wasn't my husband's help!! Thank you so much my dear!!!
So, after figuring out what would be the best way to put the pieces together, we decided to make the way we did!! 
With all pieces together, we figured out, the best place to add the shelves...... and he fixed them to me! 
I ending up not using all the shelves I was thinking, but I loved the final result is much better than I had figured out!!

Then we fixed in the wall of my new studio and ........ I have a great place to work now!!!

I really loved it! How about you??

Then, I have already started making the videos for my first FREE Online Workshop about Cartonnage, the basics to make fabric boxes. The workshop will be from September 26 to October 03. Have you already registered for that? Don't miss this! It will be great!! I'm looking forward to see you there!!

REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP about making fabric boxes HERE! It's FREE!

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