Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I’ve been absent for a while, but for a good reason....

Life is full of surprises..... our family was so happy in Indiana, lots of friends, my work was growing, more students were join Cartonnage with me….. and then….. suddenly we got to start everything over again! Due to my husband’s new job we have to move… look for a house in a new city, new state…. and we have been in this process for almost 6 months…. 
If you have passed for a situation like that, you probably know how exciting and frustrating that can be at the same time…. but now, that everything is getting solved,  we found our place and as we have been enjoying a great summertime in our new city near the Lake Michigan (even in a small temporary living), we can say that we will be very happy in Michigan as well! I know winter time will come with lots of cold weather and snow, but we will enjoy it for sure. Grand Haven, Michigan, will be our new address (our definitive moving will be by the end of August)! God knows our path better than us, so, even when we don’t understand the things in the moment, latter we will find the purpose!!  

(My family at Muskegon State Park, MI, June, 2016)

During these six months, I have been planning the future, learning new fiber arts techniques with an amazing new friend (thanks Lynn!!), listening to my heart and deciding how to continue my work from now! I know some of my students were expecting more classes, but trust me, I needed that time to think and to start over now with much more confidence!

I also have been working in the new plans I have for the future! I can’t tell so much now, but I think you will love, I am preparing everything with so much care!  The DIY kits will have a new look and will be available in selected stores….. A great online Free workshop will happen in September…. New online classes are coming! I am enjoying the time and making all of them the best I can! Wait for more news as I go ahead and finish them…..

Another thing I have been working and enjoying so much is looking to my projects in a different way…. instead of designing more advanced pieces at this time, I decided to turn my hinged lid boxes and journal covers into something really unique, something that I am so proud and happy making …even with my lack of skills for that!!... but that doesn’t matter for me now, the important thing here is that I had so much fun making and I know everyone that join me in this new journey for Cartonnage will be so happy with the results as well! At the end, I don’t know if will be easy  to give away the pieces…. Because they are made with the soul... they are not just crafts….they are arts!!…… but for sure those would be amazing gifts!

What you will see below is what I am talking about! Inspired in the nature that I am surrounded now (tulips, flowers, lake, boats…..) and mixing other arts with cartonnage, those are what I got till this moment! Please don’t take a closer look to my sewing’s…. I am not good at all in this….I have so much to learn from all of you, my students and friends that are great quilters…. And I will learn soon…. But I had to make those even with this lack of skill to sew, because I loved the overall results, and I am imagining how beautiful pieces my students will make from here…..

The first ones I made right after visiting Holland for a Tulip Festival in May….. For these pieces I used a fabric that I had hand painted some time ago and I coordinate it with denim (I love using denim!)

                              (Tulip Festival, Holland, MI, May, 2016)

(Boxes and journal cover made with hand painted fabric and flower applique)

Then, I was wondering if I could make some projects out of quilts…..I have made some in the past, but just applied miniature quilts to the cover, now my goal was to make a quilt at the size of the piece and then, make the boxes and covers….. and I just LOVED the result…..and  I can’t wait to see my student’s beautiful quilts turned into boxes!!!

(Quilted boxes.... Is this an appropriate name?)

I spent some great time at the beach in our new city with my family…. And looking to that amazing nature I was so THANKFUL, and got inspired to make more…..
For these next pieces, I started hand painting the fabric, then I applied the boat and then, I sewed over to create the scene! (please don’t judge my terrible stitches….I said I will be better in that!). Then, I made the journal cover and the box! How amazing is that?!!! How many different boxes and cases we can make mixing techniques?? Endless…………

(My cartonnage art at North Shore Beach, Spring Lake, MI)

Last, but not least.....in my free time I also love cross stitch. And I was far away from my fabric and glue sometimes during these months, and then, I made some stitches and applied to my box!

Well, that’s part of what I have been doing recently.  I hope you liked… I can tell you that I had so much fun in every part of the process. For sure I will continue making pieces just covered with fabric, but with this option of mixing arts we can add even more value, personal value to Cartonnage pieces, do you agree? Do you want to try it? I will love hearing from you! Comment! 


  1. My goodness Claudia! Looks like Lynn has been encouraging you to use your creative talents! Beautiful work!!!

    1. Thank you Carol! Yes, she is wonderful, a great inspiration for me to start something that I had been thinking for a long time, but haven't made! I am so thankful!

  2. I am so proud to see all of your work I can hardly stand it! You are a delightful young lady full of amazing talent! Thank you for sharing so generously!

    1. Lynn, thank you so much for your friendship, inspiration and for all that you have been teaching me! You are a great artist and I am so happy that I have find you!! That's just the beginning....

  3. Claudia, I love the box and cover with the stitches and sailboat. Beautiful and creative.

    1. Thanks!! It was so fun making! Mixing arts is really a good idea!