Thursday, August 4, 2016

New DIY cartonnage kits! Now also available in selected stores!

I am so glad  to let you know that I have updated my DIY cartonnage kits! That was in my mind for a long time and finally I made them much more functional, not just to use in my classes, but also for everyone that wants to make fabric boxes or other pieces using Cartonnage technique.

Each DIY kit now has 2 options: 
*  STARTER kit with instructions, that comes with all pieces of paper board, poster board and kraft paper precut to make the project and a CD with instructions that contains lots of pictures showing the whole process, step by step! 
*  THE KIT ONLY, so, if you already know how to make the piece then you can buy just the kit itself, with all pieces of paper ready to add your favorite fabric and make the project!

As an example, here are the options for the Small fabric box - DIY kit 102 (and the box instructions are brand new! Much more details now):

With the same instruction you can make more than one size of box, so, with the instruction that come with the Small Fabric box (DIY kit 102) you can also make the Medium fabric box (DIY kit 131) and the Square fabric box (DIY kit 106). 

Another kind of kit is for boxes with dividers! They are great to hold tea bags, K-cups and other coffe cups.... With the instruction that come in these boxes is possible to make the Fabric box with 4 divisions (Tea box) (DIY kit 108) and the Fabric box with 6 divisions (for tea bags, dog treats, or k-cup without dividers) (DIY kit 143).

Another way to learn how to make the linged lid fabric boxes (without or with dividers), it is learning online. You can buy the DIY kit only and learn with videos in my FABRIC COVERED BOX online course, this course also include the instructions with pictures step by step.

A fabric pencil box with magnet closure is a great idea! The students are so happy with this box!

And the project that was my first piece when learning cartonnage: the journal cover!

For the journal cover, you can also buy the DIY kit only and learn online in my JOURNAL COVER online course.

Here are all the CD with instructions I have made so far, soon I will have DIY kits also for other projects:

Here are the pieces you can find the DIY kits available now:

The instructions are very clear and complete. Plus, complementary basic information and videos for all cartonnage projects are always available in my FREE online course: Joy of Cartonnage.

Also to make the boxes and cases we have some special tools (very simple and inexpensive), that facilitate the process so much! They are now available with printed instructions:

Do you want to know where you can find these kits?
*Local quilt stores in Indiana that will carry them very soon are:
      Always in Stitches - Noblesville (317 - 776 4227)
      Quilt Expressions - Fishers (317 - 913 1816)
* ColorWay Arts online shop  (due my moving process, in August the shipping time can be 1-2 weeks - sorry!!) 

I am planning to have kits like that for other projects I already had classes and for the future projects. 

I have prepared these kits, the instructions with so much care! They are part of a project that has started in  2014 when I taught my first Cartonnage class! My huge thank you to all students that have joined me in the classes till now, you are an essential part of this process! I am looking forward to the classes that will be coming in the next months!

If you have any question, suggestions, I will be very glad to hear from you!!



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